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Host the next conference

Dead runners interested in hosting the next DRS World Conference should fill out the bid form below by answering the questions and send it to the .

Conference bid form

1. Tell us why you want to host the DRS World Conference.

2. Give us a general idea of the Dead Runners in your area and who/how many would be involved in the actual planning and execution.

3. Give us a couple of ideas about conference dates.

4. Describe your ideas for a proposed agenda for the weekend, and write about running venues - a race, trails, a track, etc.

5. Briefly describe the tourist and natural attractions in your area.

6. Indicate the hotel cost range for your area.

7. Describe the travel information for your area - nearest airport, typical weather for the proposed dates, mass transit, where people would stay (One hotel? Several hotels? Is there camping?), etc.